Python Module Index

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abc Abstract Base Classes
anydbm anydbm provides a generic dictionary-like interface to DBM-style, string-keyed databases
argparse Command line option and argument parsing.
array Manage sequences of fixed-type numerical data efficiently.
asynchat Asynchronous protocol handler
asyncore Asynchronous I/O handler
atexit Register function(s) to be called when a program is closing down.
base64 Encode binary data into ASCII characters.
BaseHTTPServer Provides base classes for implementing web servers.
bisect Maintains a list in sorted order without having to call sort each time an item is added to the list.
bz2 bzip2 compression
calendar The calendar module implements classes for working with dates to manage year/month/week oriented values.
cgitb Mis-named module that provides extended traceback information.
cmd Create line-oriented command processors.
codecs String encoding and decoding.
collections Container data types.
commands Run external shell commands and capture the status code and output.
compileall Byte-compile Source Files
ConfigParser Read/write configuration files similar to Windows INI files
contextlib Utilities for creating and working with context managers.
Cookie Working with HTTP cookies from the server side.
copy Provides functions for duplicating objects using shallow or deep copy semantics.
cPickle Python object serialization
cProfile Performance analysis of Python programs.
cStringIO Work with text buffers using file-like API
csv Read and write comma separated value files.
datetime Date/time value manipulation.
dbhash DBM-style API for the BSD database library
dbm Simple database interface
decimal Fixed and floating point math
difflib Compare sequences, especially lines of text.
dircache Cache directory listings
dis Python Bytecode Disassembler
doctest Write automated tests as part of the documentation for a module.
dumbdbm Portable DBM Implementation
EasyDialogs Provides simple interfaces to Carbon dialogs from Python.
exceptions Built-in error classes
filecmp Compare files and directories on the filesystem.
fileinput Process lines from input streams.
fnmatch Compare filenames against Unix-style glob patterns.
fractions Implements a class for working with rational numbers.
functools Tools for working with functions.
gc Garbage Collector
gdbm GNU's version of the dbm library
getopt Command line option parsing
getpass Prompt the user for a value, usually a password, without echoing what they type to the console.
gettext Message Catalogs
glob Use Unix shell rules to fine filenames matching a pattern.
grp Unix Group Database
gzip Read and write gzip files
hashlib Cryptographic hashes and message digests
heapq In-place heap sort algorithm
hmac Cryptographic signature and verification of messages.
imaplib IMAP4 client library
imp Interface to module import mechanism.
inspect Inspect live objects
itertools Iterator functions for efficient looping
json JavaScript Object Notation Serializer
linecache Retrieve lines of text from files or imported python modules, holding a cache of the results to make reading many lines from the same file more efficient.
locale POSIX cultural localization API
logging Report status, error, and informational messages.
mailbox Access and manipulate email archives.
math Mathematical functions
mhlib Work with MH mailboxes
mmap Memory-map files
multiprocessing Manage processes like threads.
operator Functional interface to built-in operators
optparse Command line option parser to replace :mod:`getopt`.
os Portable access to operating system specific features.
    os.path Platform-independent manipulation of file names.
pdb Interactive Debugger
pickle Python object serialization
pipes Unix shell command pipeline templates
pkgutil Package utilities
platform Access system hardware, OS, and interpreter version information.
plistlib Manipulate OS X property list files
pprint Pretty-print data structures
profile Performance analysis of Python programs.
pstats Manipulate and analyze profile statistics.
pwd Unix Password Database
pyclbr Python class browser support
pydoc Online help for Python modules
Queue Provides a thread-safe FIFO implementation
random Pseudorandom number generators
re Searching within and changing text using formal patterns.
readline Interface to the GNU readline library
resource System resource management
rlcompleter Adds tab-completion to the interactive interpreter
robotparser Internet spider access control
sched Generic event scheduler.
select Wait for I/O Efficiently
shelve Persistent storage of arbitrary Python objects
shlex Lexical analysis of shell-style syntaxes.
shutil High-level file operations.
signal Receive notification of asynchronous system events
SimpleXMLRPCServer Implements an XML-RPC server.
site Site-wide configuration
sitecustomize Site-specific configuration
smtpd Includes classes for implementing SMTP servers.
smtplib Simple mail transfer protocol client.
socket Network communication
SocketServer Creating network servers.
sqlite3 Embedded relational database
string Contains constants and classes for working with text.
StringIO Work with text buffers using file-like API
struct Convert between strings and binary data.
subprocess Work with additional processes
sys System-specific configuration
sysconfig Interpreter Compile-time Configuration
tabnanny Scan Python source code looking for suspicious indentation.
tarfile Tar archive access
tempfile Create temporary filesystem resources.
textwrap Formatting text by adjusting where line breaks occur in a paragraph.
threading Manage several concurrent threads of execution.
time Functions for manipulating clock time
timeit Time the execution of small bits of Python code.
trace Follow Python statements as they are executed.
traceback Extract, format, and print exceptions and stack traces.
unittest Automated testing framework
urllib Accessing remote resources that don't need authentication, cookies, etc.
urllib2 Library for opening URLs.
urlparse Split URL into component pieces.
usercustomize User-specific configuration
uuid Universally unique identifiers
warnings Deliver non-fatal alerts to the user about issues encountered when running a program.
weakref Refer to an "expensive" object, but allow it to be garbage collected if there are no other non-weak references.
webbrowser Displays web pages
whichdb Identify DBM-style database formats
    xml.etree.ElementTree XML Manipulation API
xmlrpclib Client-side library for XML-RPC communication.
zipfile Read and write ZIP archive files.
zipimport Load Python code from inside ZIP archives.
zlib Low-level access to GNU zlib compression library